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Tattoos and Piercing

Since our debut in the tattoo scene , we are guided operatively to artists
like Don Ed Hardy, Mike Malone, Jack Rudy , Horyoshi III and other tattoo artists
from around the world, whose traditional style has strongly influenced our work .

During the joint studio hours at Alf Diamond with English tattooists,
Danny Hansen ( Copenhagen) , a colleague from old Hamburg days and Dieter Big Wave
Tattooing in Dusseldorf , this versatile style is strengthened .

This is , however,
implemented daily without baiting accurate and fast with us.

Whether little flower, Scorpio , Dolphin, the currently so popular characters or
Größflächiges what all the parts of the body covered.
If that's not enough , the tens of thousands existing designs,
which can also appear like self- designs , internet printouts, copies or photographs or
book templates with us .

The colors we use are the best thing since the beginning of the world market
will bear , taken for granted today : allergy tested and according to the new
Tätowiermittelrichtlinien .

For the disinfection and sterilization procedure is the same:
recent findings and in accordance with the DIN standards .

With us you are in good hands with your little motif wishes.

Appointments made ​​only on request and after a personal conversaion.

We look forward to your visit.

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